(1) Italian Conversation

Ciao! Wanting to have your say?
A course designed to boost your conversational skills by putting you in touch with Italian culture and traditions. A true immersion in Italian lifestyle, folkloristic events, hand gestures and idiomatic expressions. We will use a book with readings about Italian customs, history and modern society to help you build your vocabulary and speaking skills.
Suitable for all levels.

(2) Italian For Tourists

Going to Italy soon?
This short and effective course will provide you the essentials to get around and will enable you to learn how to order a pizza, look for the train station, book a hotel room and engage in conversation with the locals.
The textbook that we use contains everyday expressions and vocabulary that will enable you to start speaking from Lesson 1. Sections about Italian lifestyle, games and culture will add some extra fun!
This course is suitable for beginners.

(3) Italian For Kids

Give your child the gift of bilingualism from a very young age. The course involves games, music, storytelling, flashcards and lots of fun! We will use practical experiences and everyday activities as the basis of our classes. The child will absorb the language in a fun and stimulating environment and will start speaking in no time!

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