Even though you might want to email Dante Alighieri to ask him questions about Italian grammar and usage, you are unable to because he is no longer living. Even if he were still alive chances are he would be tied up in writing his new book, or a screenplay for one of the books he has already written, such as the La Divina Commedia.

However, there are more practical solutions to your dilemma. The national language academy of Italy can be access through the Internet and they can offer help to those wanting to master the Italian language. There is also the oldest language academy in Europe, the Accademia della Crusca who also can be accessed through the Internet. The consulenza liguistica section of the website has answers to the most frequently asked questions. They also have a site where visitors can consult the online library, which contains the first Italian vocabulary from 1612 as well as other historic publications.

On the Internet you will also be able to find other resources for asking questions regarding Italian grammar, dialect and usage. If you need help with pronunciation or translating a phrase or maybe you want a recommendation on schools in Italy. The About Italian Language Forum is a great place to find answers.

The forum is a place where you can chat about verb conjugation, grammar, pronunciation or anything related to the Italian language. Some of the more recent message threads were discussions about: il discorso indiretto, help with translating a passage from Luigi Pirandello, and the right way to learn Italian. On the forum you are able to post your notes and comments on the About Italian Language bulletin board and you will receive input from a variety of people who are enthusiastic about the Italian language.