We live in an age of instant messaging and microwave pizzas.  We even have language instructors promising you will learn a language in just one weekend.  I am not sure about learning a language in a weekend, but here are some tips, which will help you learn Italian quickly.

The first suggestion is to go to Italy.  Submerse yourself in the language.  You will be forced to speak only in Italian.  You will learn Italian quickly and have the opportunity to see the paintings of Raffaello and the Roman ruins while you are learning. However, some of us do not have the time to spend in Italy to learn the language.  So we will move on to some of the other suggestions.

You could find Italian-speaking people in your town or neighborhood, so you can practice your Italian.  There are several cities around the country that have Italian cultural institutes, which have language exchange programs. If you are unable to locate such a place, you might be able to find an Italian conversation group.  Many times Italian conversation groups are sponsored by bookstores or sometimes the Italian American societies.

One of the most important skills of learning a language is learning to understand the language when someone else is speaking it. In these days and times several cable companies broadcast Italian programming for about an hour every day. This may just be news from the state television channel. There are also several radio stations accessible from the Internet such as Radio Marte.

You could go out and rent an Italian movie without the subtitles or dubbing. This is a great way to learn Italian. You will have the opportunity to hear Italian spoken by many different actors, which will give your ears the training they need at the same time.

You can always check out the library. There you should be able to find Italian novels, travel guides and books which will describe Italy. These books will help you improve your learning experience. The parallel-text version, which has Italian and English side by side, will be found in some of the Italian classics, such as La Divina Commedia, also known as The Divine Comedy.

If you buy yourself a music CD in Italian, you might yourself humming along. While you are at it read the Liner Notes found in the case of the CD. Many times the lyrics to the songs are in them, and then you can try singing along.

You want learning Italian to be fun, so you can play some of your favorite games in Italian. Work an Italian crossword puzzle or if you are really feeling gutsy, try your hand at Italian scrabble.  In order to prevent you from losing interest and getting frustrated make learning Italian fun!

Use post-it-notes.  Take a pad of post-it-notes, write the Italian word for the items you look at everyday in your house, and post the sticky note on it. By saying the name of the item out loud every time you see the item, soon it will be automatic. You will find yourself looking at the item and automatically thinking the word in Italian.  Plus it is a great way to increase your vocabulary.

As you learn Italian you will find a phrase which will be your favorite, such as “thank you” in Italian, which is “mille grazie”. You will find yourself using this phrase every time someone does you a favor.  So every time you learn a new essential phrase you are broadening your word power. Listen to the Italian word of the day. Try using it in a sentence, and soon you will be speaking like a native Italian.