If you enjoy listening to the sounds as the opera and listening to the voices of the Italian stars in foreign film, then you will love learning to speak Italian. Here are some step by step instructions on the correct way to pronounce the Italian words.

Most Italian words are stressed on the next to the last syllable.

When the final –e is omitted from a word, as it sometimes happens with some of the masculine titles, and they are immediately followed by a proper name, the position of the stress remains the same.

Keep in mind the above rule, dottore – doctor becomes dottor Nardi – Doctor Nardi and professore – professor becomes professor Pace – Professor Pace.

If the last vowel in a word is to be stressed, there will be an accent over that vowel.

It is important to remember that open e and o occur only in stressed syllables.

The written accent is used with a few monosyllables as a way to distinguish them from others that have the same spelling, but the words have a different meaning.