As a beginner learning Italian can be very rewarding and inspiring, or it can be an extremely frustrating and miserable experience. Whether or not you enjoy studying Italian depends on your attitude, your expectations and your learning technique.

Here are some tips on how to learn Italian.

Find an Italian course you like and make sure you stick to it. Don’t go with just any old course, the cheapest one, or even the one that is the most advertised. Check what they look like and sound like. One of the keys to success in learning Italian is finding the course you like. If you like the course chances are greatly you will stick with it.

Have fun while you are learning. Make the lessons fun. While you are out with friends include your Italian lessons, by naming the Italian word for what you see. If you like reading book, or watching a movie, get the Italian version of the book or the movie without the subtitles. They can be distracting. You could even play an Italian version of your favorite video game.

Be realistic about your expectations. Don’t set your goals so high that they are unattainable. Failing to meet your deadline you set for yourself will only discourage you. Chances are you will not stick with the course when facing constant failure. Expect to forget a lot of what you have learned that is normal. Remember progress is never steady, you will find you will learn more some days than others. It’s okay.

Learn at least one new word every session. Studying a foreign language is a psychological game. You need to feel like you are getting somewhere or you will want to quit. By learning a new word every lesson or day, you will feel like you are getting there even if it is slowly.

Establish some long term goals and focus on them. If you are learning Italian to be able to speak to people and to be able to understand them as well, those are the skills you will want to focus on. Make sure the course you select emphasizes the aspects of learning the language you want to focus on. If it is just speaking and understand, you don’t want a course that spends the majority of your time reading and writing.