The quickest and the most successful way to learn Italian is the total-immersion or concentration method. This includes traveling to Italy for an long vacation, studying in one of the many language schools located all over Italy, and conversing only in Italian.  Many programs include a component which improves the cultural exchange. You will literally eat, breathe, and dream in Italian.

Because many of us do not have the opportunity to spend weeks or months in Italy to learn the language, while touring the ruins, sipping an espresso, or meandering through the museums, there are other ways to learn Italian without leaving your hometown.

Actually you have taken a very important step toward learning Italian when you decided to read this book. The most important part of learning Italian is to start studying. Any method you choose will work whether you decide to read an Italian textbook, take a course in Italian at a university or a local language school, do exercises in an Italian workbook, listening to a tape or CD, or even just talking to a native Italian speaker.

It is a good habit to spend some time every day reading, writing, speaking and listening to Italian. This will help you in becoming accustomed to the language. Your confidence will build one baby step at a time, your accent will become less apparent, your vocabulary will increase and you’ll be communicating in Italian before you know it. You might even start speaking Italian with your hands.