Many Italian Australians are learning Italian to get in touch with their family heritage. They are basically looking for way to identify, understand and bond with their family’s ethnic background. By learning their family’s native tongue they are able to use it as a tool to uncover their family roots when they visit Italy.

It must be a very touching, emotional experience to go to the town in Italy where their grandparents lived and grew up. During the visit there is the chance of running into an old friend of your grandparents or a cousin they didn’t know existed. They are also able to use their family’s native tongue in order to read the birth certificates and marriage license of the family members they never had the opportunity to meet. By learning the Italian language many Italian Australians feel connected to their ancestors who are no longer of this world.

There are many reasons to study a foreign language. It is a method by which an American can bond with other generations of their family. A large part of the Australians who have enrolled in Italian language courses have traveled to Italy for pleasure and to visit their ancestor’s homeland. There are many personal benefits to be received from studying a foreign language and learning Italian can be priceless.

In the past several years, baby boomers are aging and they have an increase of free time. Because of this there has been an increase in the number of students learning the Italian language for their family heritage. The ability to read, speak and understand the Italian language is a powerful motivation for adults to learn the language. People yearn for that connection to their past and learning Italian will give it to them.

If you are searching for Italian genealogical resources, there is a vast amount of information to be found online to help you discover your family history. The Italian Ancestry has a website along with a magazine in print to help you with your search. Also the Sicilian surname directory is a database of surnames, which are specifically focused on that island. At the Genealogy Helplist For Italy you will find a group of volunteers who are willing to help those who are looking for information. They will get the information you need from the institutions in their area or they will supply other information, which is accessible to them.

As an organisation devoted to the research of immigrant family roots of Italian origin, the International Thematic Research can be of a great service to those looking for the family heritage. If you are looking for assistance in deciphering Italian records, My Italian Family provides research services using a network of professional genealogists with extensive experience in deciphering Italian records. These are not the only resources you have available to you if you are looking for information regarding your ancestry in Italy. If you go online, you will find several other Italian genealogy search tools and articles.